Communications and Events

The team at Lorimer Public Affairs has extensive experience in media relations and communications. Very often, a well-planned media relations strategy is a critical component of an effective government relations strategy. Getting your message to local, regional and national media can bolster your efforts in Ottawa.

Media relations and communications services include:

  • developing a communications or media relations strategy
  • drafting a producing press releases and backgrounders
  • organizing press conferences
  • calls to media to ‘pitch’ your story
  • monitoring of national, regional and community media
  • identifying speaking opportunities for you or a representative of your organization

Media Profile

James Lorimer has enjoyed a long relationship with Media Profile one of Canada’s top public relations agencies, providing Ottawa-based media and government relations support for Media Profile clients. When your media relations or communications needs are national in scope, the exceptional talent and expertise of Media Profile is available to clients of Lorimer Public Affairs.

Events Planning

Lorimer Public Affairs has experience with large and small events. From press conferences to multi-day conferences, Lorimer Public Affairs will work with you to ensure your event is a success. Our services include:

  • determining the best locations and times for your event;
  • developing event themes;
  • finding and booking the best speakers for your event;
  • creating presentations and speaking notes;
  • securing catering services for your event;
  • managing invitations for guests and participants.