Government Relations

Government relations is about relationships and information. It’s about building relationships with those who influence the laws, policies and regulations that can affect a business, an organization or its members. It’s about communicating information effectively with legislators, with bureaucrats, and with the media.

Lorimer Public Affairs believes ongoing, effective dialogue with legislators and regulators ensures clients’ issues are taken into account as new policies or programs are developed or existing ones are amended. Ongoing communications can mitigate the often and unintended consequences of policies and regulations.

Lorimer Public Affairs understands how governments make decisions at the political level and within the public service. We work with our clients to understand their needs, their objectives and the issues surrounding them.

We incorporate all the variables to create an effective government relations strategy for our clients. Importantly, we believe our clients make the best advocates for their issues. We work with clients to ensure they make their case to the right people in the right way.

Sometimes a direct appeal to a specific audience is enough, sometimes a client will need to do more to ensure messages are heard. Additional tools may be needed to build the relationships required to inform and influence government decisions. Lorimer Public Affairs has experience with the design and execution of grassroots advocacy, complimentary media activities and, if necessary, targeted advertising to ensure your messages are received and understood by decision-makers.

An organizations’ message is often best expressed by its members – be they individuals or companies. James has been involved with some of the most recognized and successful grass-roots lobbying campaigns and advocacy events on the Hill. Lorimer Public Affairs will work with your organization to create an event that meets your relationship-building or advocacy objectives. Lorimer Public Affairs will work with you to organize, coordinate and execute an effective grassroots campaign.